• Fixed boss combat pulses, after pulling there will be a short delay before the raid enters combat and for doors to close.
  • Fixed XP/reputation rewards if the player who made the killing blow is not the recipient of the rewards.
  • Fixed not always being able to pick up quest items if the quest has previously been marked as completed. report #120867
  • Fixed players being kicked out of instances when relogging if there is an entry requirement such as a quest/achievement. report #120853
  • Fixed pets keeping debuffs when the owner dies. report #117884
  • Fixed Ethereal Soul-Trader sometimes becoming attackable. report #120789

Blackrock Realm


  • Fixed Arathi Basin not resulting in a draw if both teams cross the win threshold at the same time.
  • Fixed Eye of the Storm not resulting in a draw if both teams cross the win threshold at the same time.


  • Fixed Icy Weapon proccing too often: from 3.0 ppm to 1.7 ppm.
  • Fixed Icy Weapons Chilled debuff stacking with other stronger movement slows



WotLK only

Vanilla only

Darkmoon Faire

  • Fixed missing music at Darkmoon Faire.
  • Fixed Darkmoon Faire World Buff timers counting down while offline. report #120912

Lunar Festival

Icecrown Citadel

Blackwing Lair

  • Fixed Chromaggus Elemental Shield not resetting after a wipe. report #120784
  • Fixed Chomaggus Brood Affliction affecting too many targets. report #120827
  • Fixed the chance Brood Affliction: Bronze has to stun the target. Down to 25% from 40% every 5 seconds.
  • Fixed Shaman Class Call affecting other classes.
  • Fixed Shaman Class Call totems being able to autoattack. report #120856
  • Fixed Rogue Class Call not teleporting rogues in front of Nefarian.
  • Fixed Death Knights Class Call not working.
  • Fixed Priest Class call tooltip Corrupted Healing showing the wrong amount of damage done.
  • Fixed Blackwing Technician dealing too much damage.
  • Fixed Shadow Flame timer for Ebonroc. 20 seconds.
  • Fixed Shadow Flame timer for Firemaw. 20 seconds.
  • Fixed Shadow Flame timer for Flamego. 20 seconds.
  • Fixed Vaelastrasz the Corrupt not casting Tail Swipe often enough
  • Fixed Vaelastrasz the Corrupt not casting Flame Breath often enough
  • Fixed Vaelastrasz the Corrupt not casting Cleave often enough
  • Fixed Vaelastrasz Burning Adrenaline not always killing the player at the end.
  • Fixed Vaelastrasz the Corrupt Burning Adrenaline target selection logic
  • Fixed Fire Nova timer for Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. 3 seconds.
  • Fixed wrong version of Knock Away being used by Broodlord Lashlayer report #120897
  • Fixed timers on Chromaggus magic vulnerability switching. 17-25 seconds.
  • Fixed invalid player teleport mechanic triggers from multiple of bosses. report #120880
  • Fixed Broodlord Lashlayer Knock Away not properly resetting 50% threat report #120843
  • Fixed Nefarian Drakonid spawn frequency report #120828
  • Fixed Head of Nefarian being incorrectly marked as Free for all loot. report #120823
  • Fixed fear pathing sometimes sending players underground at Nefarian's Lair report #120822
  • Chromaggus will now be immune to Taunt mechanics
  • Fixed Enraged Felguard despawning upon evading.
  • Fixed Chromaggus is not using his enrage emote report #120786
  • Fixed Enraged Felguard should not be immune to Fear report #120809
  • Fixed Chromaggus missing his Frenzy Emote report #120785
  • Fixed targets selection for Death Talon Flamescale Berserker Charge
  • Fixed Death Talon Overseer should not use Brood Powers report #120779
  • Fixed Suppression Device Triggering on stealthed players report #120768
  • Fixed Death Talon Wyrmguard and Death Talon Overseer pack should not respawn on wipe
  • Fixed packs of Death Talon Wyrmguards not respawning on evade
  • Fixed Death Talon Overseer gaining multiple Elemental Shields after a wipe
  • Fixed Death Talon Wyrmguard gaining multiple Elemental Shields after a wipe
  • Fixed Blackwing Spellbinder not being immune to magic report #120783
  • Fixed Chromaggus Time Lapse threat lowering mechanic not always working
  • Fixed creatures at Halls of Strife respawning even after Broodlord Lashlayers death
  • Fixed Blackwing Technician in Vaelastrasz the Corrupt room being unattackable
  • Fixed Suppression Device still apply Suppression aura even after deactivation

Molten Core

  • Fixed Flamewaker Priest (Sulfuron Harbinger adds) not being immune to Crowd Control.
  • Fixed Aegis of Ragnaros timer for Majordomo Executus. 15-30 seconds.
  • Fixed Majordomo Executus not resetting threat after casting Teleport.
  • Fixed timers Majordomo Executus Teleport. 10-20 seconds.
  • Fixed timers for Reflection spells of Majordomo Executuss. 15-30 seconds initial. 30 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed Arcane Explosion timer for Shazzrah. 3-5 seconds.
  • Fixed Shazzrah's Curse timer for Shazzrah. 5-10 seconds initial, 21-25 seconds repeat
  • Fixed Magic Grounding timer for Shazzrah. 3-6 seconds initial, 20-30 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed Counterspell timer for Shazzrah. 10 seconds initial, 15-20 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed Gate of Shazzrah initial timer for Shazzrah. 30 seconds
  • Fixed Inspire timer for Sulfuron. 5-9 seconds initial, 14-18 seconds repeat
  • Fixed Shadow Word: Pain timer for Sulfuron Harbinger. 2-5 seconds.
  • Fixed Immolate timer for Flamewaker Priest. 4-8 Seconds
  • Fixed Dark Strike timer for Flamewaker Priest. 4-8 seconds
  • Fixed Majordomo Executus incorrectly casting Blast Wave
  • Fixed Serrated Bite timer for Core Hound. 4-6 seconds
  • Fixed Lava Breath not affecting targets behind the caster
  • Fixed Magmadar should spawn Lava Bomb lifetime.
  • Fixed Lava Breath should hit only targets behind the caster
  • Fixed Magmadar incorrectly using Magma Breath
  • Fixed Panic timer for Magmadar. 8-12 seconds initial, 30-60 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed Frenzy timer for Magmadar. 4-8 seconds initial, 15-20 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed timers for Flamewaker Protector Cleave. 8-16 seconds.
  • Fixed Flamewaker Protector being able to cast Dominate Mind on Lucifron main tank
  • Fixed Flamewaker Protector not always having one target dominated.
  • Fixed Shadow Shock timer for Lucifron. 3-6 seconds
  • Fixed Lucifron's Curse timer for Lucifron. 10-15 seconds initial, 20-25 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed Impending Doom timer for Lucifron. 5-10 seconds initial, 20-25 seconds repeat.
  • Fixed Earthquake timer for Golemagg. 4 seconds
  • Fixed targets selection for Gehennas' Shadow Bolt
  • Fixed Antimagic Pulse timer for Garr. 15-20 seconds
  • Fixed Magma Shackles timer for Garr. 10-15 seconds
  • Fixed Baron Geddon not interupting ongoing casts when starting to cast Armaggedon at 2% HP
  • Fixed Baron Geddon trying to use other abilities during his Inferno
  • Fixed Inferno timer for Baron Geddon. 14-16 seconds initial, 21-26 seconds repeat
  • Fixed Ignite Mana timer for Baron Geddon. 14-16 seconds initial, 27-32 seconds repeat
  • Fixed Living Bomb timer for Baron Geddon. 11-13 seconds initial, 12-16 seconds repeat
  • Fixed Lava Bomb timer for Magmadar. 12-14 seconds.
  • Fixed Pyroblast timer for Golemagg. 12 seconds.
  • Fixed Baron Geddon Inferno damage not increasing propperly every tick

Ruins Of Ahn'Qiraj

  • Fixed missing/wrong spawns all around the instance
  • Fixed missing patrols all around the instance
  • Fixed timers for Mana Fiend
  • Fixed Mana Fiend not using Counterspell only in order to interrupt enemies casts
  • Fixed timers for Spitting Scarab
  • Fixed Shrieker Scarab is not using Piercing Shriek
  • Fixed target selection for Shrieker Scarab Berserker Charge
  • Fixed timers for Shrieker Scarab
  • Fixed Hive'Zara Larva should be immununties
  • Fixed missing Hive'Zara Stinger and Hive'Zara Wasp formations at Ayamiss the Hunter area
  • Fixed Anubisath Warrior should not be spawned by default
  • Fixed missing green pool effect after Buru Egg explosion
  • Fixed Buru the Gorger egges explode animation on death
  • Fixed timers for Hive'Zara Collector
  • Fixed timers for Hive'Zara Tail Lasher
  • Fixed timers for Flesh Hunter
  • Fixed Flesh Hunter will now switch melee and caster mode depending on range to its victim
  • Fixed Flesh Hunter not having Invisibility and Stealth Detection
  • Fixed timers for Hive'Zara Sandstalker
  • Fixed targets selection for Hive'Zara Soldier Venom Spit
  • Fixed timers for Hive'Zara Soldier
  • Fixed General Rajaxx is not using his frenzy emote
  • Fixed missing emotes for Lieutenant General Andorov intro event
  • Fixed General Rajaxx is using wrong speeches during his encounter
  • Fixed spawn coords for Qiraji Gladiator
  • Fixed initial spawn coords and waypoints for Lieutenant General Andorov and Kaldorei Elite
  • Fixed timers for Qiraji Warrior
  • Fixed Qiraji Warrior should have Invisibility and Stealth Detection
  • Fixed movement animation for Anubisath Swarmguard
  • Fixed model for Anubisath Swarmguard
  • Fixed timers for Anubisath Swarmguard
  • Fixed timers for Hive'Zara Stinger
  • Fixed target selection for Hive'Zara Stinger Charge
  • Fixed missing frenzy emote for Qiraji Gladiator when he uses Vengeance
  • Fixed timers for Hive'Zara Wasp
  • Fixed Hive'Zara Wasp will properly select target for its Itch spell
  • Fixed Hive'Zara Wasp should not cast Hive'Zara Catalyst directly on players. It should be applied only after Itch debuff
  • Fixed Qiraji Gladiator should use Vengeance only when other Qiraji Gladiator dies nearby
  • Fixed timers for Qiraji Gladiator
  • Fixed Qiraji Gladiator should have Invisibility and Stealth Detection
  • Fixed Moam's Stone Phase not always ending if all Mana Fiends are killed
  • Fixed Moam should drain mana target count
  • Fixed Moam should not using Arcane Eruption as soon as he gets 25000 mana
  • Fixed Obsidian Destroyer not using Purge as soon as he gets 12000 mana
  • Fixed Hive'Zara Hornet not despawning Ayamiss the Hunter encounter ends
  • Fixed Hive'Zara Larva not using Feed
  • Fixed Ayamiss the Hunter using Paralyze on the tank
  • Fixed timers for Ayamiss the Hunter
  • Fixed Buru the Gorger animation after the egg explode
  • Fixed timers for General Rajaxx
  • Fixed timers for Lieutenant General Andorov intro
  • Fixed Lieutenant General Andorov intro
  • Fixed General Rajaxx out of combat cosmetic event with troops training
  • Fixed targets selection for Lieutenant General Andorov Bash
  • Fixed timers for Lieutenant General Andorov
  • Fixed timers for Colonel Zerran
  • Fixed timers for Major Yeggeth
  • Fixed timers for Major Pakkon
  • Fixed timers for Captain Xurrem
  • Fixed tiemrs for Captain Tuubid
  • Fixed timers for Captain Qeez
  • Fixed timers for Captain Drenn
  • Fixed targets selection for Captain Drenn Lightning Cloud
  • Fixed timers for Qiraji Swarmguard
  • Fixed Qiraji Swarmguard not using Sundering Cleave
  • Fixed timers for Kurinnaxx
  • Fixed spell visual effect for Moam Drain Mana
  • Fixed spell visual effect for Obsidian Destroyer Drain Mana
  • Fixed visibility distance for Ayamiss the Hunter
  • Fixed Silicate Feeder is not using Cloud of Disease


  • Fixed Hakkar using the wrong text emote when cast Will of Hakkar
  • Fixed Hakkar incorrectly using Will of Hakkar on the tank only
  • Fixed Hakkar mind control target selection
  • Fixed Gahz'ranka's Massive Geyser target selection
  • Fixed encounter frames for Hakkar
  • Fixed encounter frames for Gahz'ranka
  • Fixed encounter frames for Jin'do the Hexxer
  • Fixed encounter frames for Edge of Madness bosses
  • Fixed encounter frames for High Priestess Mar'li
  • Fixed High Priestess Mar'li not evading if pulled out of her area

Blackrock Depths

Blackrock Spire

  • Fixed RDF system porting players to the wrong instance entrance.
  • Fixed exploit where Vaelastrasz The Red can survive Rend encounter and helps players with other encounters report #120686
  • Fixed an issue where it was no longer possible to receive Drakefire Amulet from Haleh for the alliance and from or Rokaro for the horde respectively if your faction's quest was completed report #82873 report #75098

Dire Maul

Razorfen Kraul

Sunken Temple

  • Fixed Shade of Hakkar sometimes not propperly resetting on wipe

Arathi Highlands

  • Fixed missing Spirit healer at Eastern Road Graveyard


Crystalsong Forest





Searing Gorge