• Fixed pet avoidance incorrectly reducing aoe damage taken by player pets & guardians report #105015
  • Fixed spell #55164 failing if the player died in water
  • Fixed inkeepers triggering an error when player already has a hearthstone and sets new home report #104890
  • Fixed flightpaths sometimes misbehaving after being teleported to another map
  • Fixed disabled Blacksmithing Socket Gems counting towards the Meta Gem requirements report #92676


Blackrock Realm

  • Add Goblin engineering to profession trainers

Death Knight



  • Fixed mage portals ceasing to work when the mage has logged out





  • Fixed the warlock having to be in close proximity of his Soulwell in order for it to work.
  • Fixed Soulwell not being usable if warlock changes map or goes offline while still in the party
  • Fixed Ritual of Summoning not showing an error when attempting to summon a player who already has a summon pending.
  • Fixed Summoning dead players not resulting in an error and causing the internal summoning state to become stuck.


The Ruby Sanctum

  • Fixed the UI not showing the correct Encounter Frames when dying in the shadowrealm phase during the Halion fight
  • Added encounter frames to Baltharus The Warborn clones

Icecrown Citadel

  • Fixed Crok Scourgebane and Captains not always despawning after teleporter intro event
  • Fixed Exploit resulting from being able to change difficulty during Sindragosa intro fly in event
  • Fixed the last pack of npc #36725 sometimes remaining stuck on ceiling while being visually lowered
  • Fixed Valithria being healable by spell #50424
  • Fixed short-lived bug where npc #36678 and npc #32930 were immune to Vindication
  • Fixed npc #34137 sometimes spawning slightly underground.
  • Fixed npc #37890 not being slowed after converting into npc #38135

Trial of the Grand Crusader



Halls of Reflection

Halls of Stone

  • Fixed Dark Matter mechanic for Tribunal of the Ages report #104708
  • Fixed Brann Bronzebeard low health and death alert speeches
  • Fixed players sometimes getting Stoned after Krystallus encounter ends report #104801
  • Fixed npc #27977 not using the correct version of the spell #50868 ability

The Occulus

Black Temple


  • Fixed cosmetic effects which should light the Altar Torches



The Storm Peaks

  • Fixed scripts for Brunnhildar Challengers sparring. They now will react to each another attacks correctly
  • Fixed Brunnhildar Challenger not always wielding weapon in his hands
  • Fixed aggro range for npc #29485
  • Fixed missing effect for spell #55770
  • Fixed npc #29477 not casting Boulder Rush on aggro
  • Fixed npc #29485 not always looking for nearby Stormforged units to attack
  • Fixed spawn locations for npc #29485
  • Fixed respawn timer for npc #29485
  • Fixed missed pointing animation for npc #29477 on spawn
  • Fixed missing ready to fight stances for npc #29377
  • Fixed npc #29377 being spawned by default
  • Fixed respawns timer for npc #29382
  • Fixed npc #29382 having random movement while not in combat
  • Fixed spawn locations of npc #29382
  • Fixed iron dwarfs sometime staying invisible after respawn
  • Fixed respawn timer for Iron Dwarf Assailant & Iron Dwarf Magus
  • Fixed cosmetic events for Iron Dwarfs Mole Machines at Terrace of the Makers
  • Fixed missed speeches for npc #29981
  • Fixed missed speeches for npc #29980
  • Fixed spawn locations of Iron Dwarfs from Mole Machines. They should be spawned in front of the Mole Machine door
  • Fixed missing abilities for npc #29979
  • Fixed Mole Machines spawning new Iron Dwarfs from before all the already spawned ones were killed
  • Fixed Grouped Earthen Warder and Earthen Elite formations

Hellfire Peninsula

Blades Edge Mountains

Isle of Quel'Danas

  • Fixed an issue where some quests did not follow the right order and some of them were not marked as daily and repeatable
  • Fixed double quest credit for Erratic Behavior

Dustwallow Marsh