This is a list of fixes made since the publication of the last changelog. Some of these fixes might have already been active for a while.












  • Fixed not being able to input a reason when vote kicking.
  • Fixed players not having a votekick prevention timer shortly after joining an RDF group
  • Fixed RDF votekick limit per run
  • Fixed random dungeon cooldown
  • Fixed role checks not showing correctly in chat
  • Fixed not being teleported to a player inside the instance when joining an in progress LFG dungeon
  • Fixed random dungeon completion triggering quest achievments
  • Fixed Dungeon finder showing incorrect experience gain on highrate servers


  • Added SoloQueue NPC's to Icecrown and Lordaeron
  • Implement "Avoid as Teammate" functionality. Up to two teammates can be avoided
  • Modified "Report as AFK" to act as "Avoid as Teammate" for SoloQueue teammates UnitFrames whilst in arena
  • Update the SoloQueue management system to allow team deletion which will allow 5v5 to be played
  • Fix relogging in Soloqueue not always giving the Deserter debuff
  • Players will now need to win at-least 3 battlegrounds before being allowed in SoloQueue (Blackrock)


  • Fixed creatures engaging into combat when damaged by a player on a flight path
  • Fixed Time Elapsed display for battleground scoreboards. report #77160
  • Fixed trade becoming stuck until relog if you try to trade at the same time they try to trade with you.
  • Fixed average wait times display for low level battlegrounds
  • Fixed creatures remaining visually lootable even after all the loot has been rolled for
  • Fixed damage not being properly rounded up/down after damage reductions/increases are applied
  • Fixed area of effect channeling spells missing their last tick report #84579
  • Fixed Traveler's Tundra Mammoth accessories never despawning when used while invisible
  • Fixed pets not being attackable when their owners are mind controlled
  • Fixed players being able to change weapons while mind controlled
  • Fixed players sometimes being unable to move after being mind controlled
  • Fixed traps having level up animation when triggered
  • Fixed hunter traps being visible while dueling in blackrock duel zone report #85167
  • Fixed eating/drinking not being interrupted when entering a vehicle
  • Fixed Vehicle passengers being able to drink/eat report #81485
  • Corrected overkill damage in combat log for damaging spells
  • Fixed channels being interrupted sometimes when a root ends
  • Fixed channeled spells sometimes targeting someone other than the selected target report #82028




  • Fixed Random Lich King(normal) dungeons completed statistic counting every dungeon completion
  • Fixed Random Lich King(heroic) dungeons completed statistic being counting every dungeon completion
  • Fixed "Disenchant rolls made on loot made" statistic not working
  • Fixed Epic items acquired statistic being increased by receiving legendary items
  • Fixed Legendary items acquired statistic being increased by receiving epic items
  • Fixed Equipped epic items in item slots statistic not working
  • Fixed 5v5 Arena honorable kills statistic not working
  • Fixed 3v3 Arena honorable kills statistic not working
  • Fixed 2v2 Arena honorable kills statistic not working
  • Fixed Arena honorable kills statistic not working
  • Fixed Critters killed statistic not working



Hallow's End

Children's Week



The Obsidian Sanctum

The Ruby Sanctum

Vault of Archavon

  • Whiteout should be removed on raid wipe/boss defeat report #84176
  • {$Toravon the Ice Watcher] npc #38433 will now drop emblems of Frost instead of Triumph
  • Fixed Crushing Leap raid warning report #83687
  • Fixed Freezing Ground - Resist report #83691
  • Corrected level for Flame Warder report #83685
  • Archavon Stomp should ignore armor report #83686
  • Corrected Crushing Leap message for Archavon the Stone Watcher report #83687
  • Fixed Tempest Minion despawn on Emalon the Storm Watcher evade report #83688
  • Koralon the Flame Watcher should do a raid message when he casts his meteor fists report #83689
  • Toravon the Ice Watcher should not be immune to disarm report #83690
  • Freezing Ground should be partial resistable report #83691

Eye of Eternity


  • Reduced spawn time for all herbs from 1h to 30m. Their respawn will now be linked to the boss npc #32906

Blackwing Lair

Molten Core


The Oculus

Utgarde Keep


Halls Of Lightning

The Nexus

  • Fixed Chaotic Rift visuals report #85925
  • npc #27949 will now use correct id for 'Battle Shout' report #85923
  • npc #27947 will now use correct id for 'Battle Shout' report #85922
  • Implemented missing patrol around Ormorok report #85944
  • Implemented missing patrol 2xCrystalline Keeper + Crystalline Tender report #85941
  • Imlemented missing patrol 2xCrystalline Keeper + Crystalline Tender report #85942
  • Implemented missing patrol 2 Crystalline Keeper + Crystalline Tender report #85939
  • Implemented missing patrol for 2 Crystalline Keeper + 2 Crystalline Tender report #85940
  • Implemented Crystalline Keeper & Crystalline Tender patrol formation report #85943
  • Fixed Crystalline Frayer should have random movement
  • Fixed npc #26794 should not follow his main target up in the air if it gets knocked up report #85910
  • Implemented Mage Hunter Ascendant & Mage Slayer formation patrol after Grand Magus Telestra report #85916
  • Implemented Mage Hunter Ascendant & Mage Slayer patrol after frozen heroes boss report #85915
  • Corrected angle for Mage Hunter Ascendant & Mage Slayer patrol report #85914
  • Implemented formation patrol of Mage Hunter Ascendant & Mage Slayer report #85914
  • Grand Magus Telestra npc #26731 should not drop Winter Hat unless Winter Veil event is active report #85909
  • Keristrasza should not have random movement report #85911
  • Mage Hunter Ascendant should not have random movement report #85917
  • Alliance/Horde forces should be frozen report #85918
  • Spawned missing Alliance/Horde Cleric report #85918
  • Spawned missing Alliance/Horde Ranger report #85918
  • Spawned missing Alliance/Horde Berserker report #85918
  • Horde Cleric will now use Flash Heal correctly report #85921
  • npc #26805 will now use Flash Heal correctly report #85920
  • Fixed animation of dead Azure Skyrazor floating in air
  • Chaotic Rift / Crazed Mana-Wraith spawned by npc #26763 during the fight should be despawned after he dies report #85912
  • Alliance Commander/Horde Commander should use Battle Shout report #85923
  • Commander Stoutbeard/Commander Kolurg should have ready to attack stance while they are frozen
  • Spawned missing Alliance Commander/Horde Commander on normal mode report #85923
  • npc #26734 Should use spell #58460 instead of Mortal Strike on both difficulties report #85924
  • Crazed Mana-Wraith should fight with Azure forces report #85927
  • Fixed faction for npc #26761
  • Crystalline Tangler will now use ability spell #61556 report #85936
  • Crazed Mana-Wyrm should not fall from air on heroic mode report #85930
  • Crystalline Frayer - Aura of Regeneration should not stack report #85931
  • Added missing emote for Crystalline Frayer after its regeneration report #85932
  • Crystalline Frayer will now use correct Aura of Regeneration spell on heroic mode report #85933
  • Fixed Crystal Bark CD for Crystalline Keeper report #85934
  • Crystalline Protectors should have random movement report #85935
  • Fixed Tranquility Interrupt report #85937
  • Fixed Tranquility used by Crystalline Tender does not heal Crystalline Keeper report #85938

Forge Of Souls

  • Spiteful Apparition should become targetable after aggro report #85900
  • Soulguard Adept will now use 'Shadow Mend' correctly report #17085
  • Fixed Spiteful Apparition AI report #85900
  • Fixed Soulguard Watchman formation patrols report #85899
  • Added missing visuals for Soulguard Adepts
  • Added missing visuals to formation before Bronjahm report #85898
  • The Devourer of Souls should reset if party runs back down stairs report #85908
  • Added kill talk spam protection to Devourer of Souls
  • npc #36916 should not move before he finishes his animation of crawling from the ground report #85902
  • spell #69069 should deal 5k damage when it absorbs 5k damage and fades from npc #36564 report #85903
  • Fixed Bronjahm Phase Switch after Soulstom expires report #85905
  • Fixed Bronjahm casting Soulstorm instantly after teleportation report #85906

Halls Of Reflection

  • Spirits (Trash) NPCs during Falric and Marwyn fight should should play their "activation" animations before becoming attackable report #86303
  • Fixed Shadowy Mercenaries sometimes stay standing on their spawn point after activating instead of going after players report #86310
  • Implemented kill talk spam protection for marwyn
  • Implemented system warning after After defeating Falric report #86302
  • Implemented kill talk spawm protection for Falric
  • Fixed Phantom Mage AI report #86301
  • Fixed possible Frostworn General double spawn report #86228
  • Added missing awakening animation for Titanium Siegebreaker report #85726
  • Fixed orientation for horde The Captain's Chest report #86304
  • Fixed coordinates for alliance The Captain's Chest report #86304
  • High Captain Justin Bartlett should have two sword report #86306
  • Skybreaker Deckhands should have "using" animation report #86307
  • Chief Officer Leonards should have his sword sheathed report #86308
  • Skybraker Engineer shouldn't be spawned report #86309
  • Falric should have a stance animation instead of just standing report #86354
  • Marwyn should have a stance animation instead of just standing report #86355

Pit Of Saron

Halls Of Stone

The Violet Hold

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

Drak'tharon Keep

  • Risen Drakkari Soulmage will now use Heal ability report #85710

Utgarde Pinnacle

Culling Of Stratholme

  • Corrected drop chance for item #37116
  • Corrected drop chance for item #37117
  • Corrected drop chance for item #37115
  • Fixed Arthas double RP text and sound after defeating Chrono Lord Epoch report #45546
  • Fixed Arthas should have Devotion Aura in Heroic version of instance report #45546
  • Mal'Ganis should not become untagetable when defeated, only unattackable report #82504

Shadow Labyrinth

  • Cabal Fanatic should hold weapon in hands



Sethekk Halls

Blackfathom Depths

Razorfen Kraul

The Mechanar

Blackrock Spire

Blackrock Depths

Dire Maul

  • Corrected amount of spawned imps for Dreadsteed of Xoroth event report #82813
  • Fixed problems with Dreadsteed of Xoroth ritual report #48510





Borean Tundra

  • Spawned missing npc #27175
  • Heldgarr Steelbeard and Ferlynn Windsong should stand in ready to fire state
  • npc #25282 should shoot bow at target dummy
  • npc #25281 should shoot at target dummy
  • Implemented cosmetic event for Jimmy the Stable Boy & Stabled Horse & Celidh Aletracker
  • Fixed Footman Rob equipment
  • Implemented cosmetic event with Footman Rob & Footman George & Footman Chuck
  • Implemented cosmetic event for Warden Nork Bloodfrenzy and Ug'thor Bloodfrenzy
  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for Amani'shi Hatcher
  • Implemented missing cosmetic stuff for npc #27141
  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for Arred
  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for Bildine
  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for Kudrii
  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for npc #26044
  • Fixed object #188141 respawn timer report #68139
  • Fixed npc #28182 never moving report #68139
  • Cirrected visuals for Unu'pe Villagers
  • npc #27610 should be actually dead
  • Spawned missing npc #24954
  • Fixed do not attack Nerub'ar Sky Darkeners report #78016
  • Some more corrections to spawns
  • Corrected coordinates and emotes for npc #26174
  • Removed bad spawn of Glacial Ancient
  • Corrected animation for cannon fires in Valliance Keep
  • Added missing cosmetic details for quest quest #11617
  • Should not be possible to use item #35116 if quest Master and Servant completed
  • Fixed wrong area message for quest quest #11730 report #28032
  • Corrected texts for quest quest #11562


Grizzly Hills

  • Corrected equipment for Garg
  • Fixed npc #28938 being able to move
  • Corrected spawns of Frosthorn Ram and Frosthorn Kid
  • Players should not be able to enter stealth while having aura spell #49163

Storm Peaks

Sholazar Basin




Blade's Edge Mountains

Shadowmoon Valley

Bloodmyst Isle

Azuremyst Isle






  • Death and Respawn of Thrall and Varian should reload whole event
  • Fixed creatures overspawn during battle for the undercity event
  • Fixed problem with quest An Unholy Alliance report #54241
  • Spawned portal to Undercity after player finished quest quest #13266 report #58697
  • Fixed issue where npc #32364 attacked horde players players during quest Battle for the Undercity


  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for Farseer Nobundo
  • Implemented missing cosmetic stuff for Hobahken
  • Added missing cosmetic stuff for Gurrag
  • Implemented cosmetic event with Dekin
  • Implemented cosmetic events for Padaar
  • Reworked AI for Worker

The Barrens

Western Plaguelands

  • Implemented script support for quest In Dreams report #9911

Tirisfal Glades

  • Fixed wolf sounds coming from the player itself rather than from nearby wolves


Stonetalon Mountains



Dustwallow Marsh

Hellfire Peninsula

Terokkar Forest


Redridge Mountains


Dun Morogh



Thunder Bluff

Shattrath City

Eastern Plaguelands

Elwynn Forest


Silverpine Forest



Eversong Woods

The Hinterlands


Arathi Highlands

Swamp of Sorrows

Loch Modan

Un'Goro Crater


Thousand Needles


Isle of Quel'Danas

Scarlet Enclave

  • Added emotes for cosmetic events
  • Implemented cosmetic event with Amal'thazad & Disciple of Frost & Coldwraith training



Blasted Lands