• Corrected the rate at which Rage is drained when out of combat
  • Rage bar will now display rage accurately








  • Nagrand arena doors will now correctly disappear shortly after opening
  • Battleground victory sounds will no longer be triggered in arenas
  • Players will now be added to the arena scoreboard upon invitation
  • Players will no longer be removed from the scoreboard when leaving arena
  • Players will no longer have a transparent visual effect during arena preparation


  • Channeled spells will no longer be interrupted by the target moveing slightly out of the the spell's range
  • Channeled spell duration is now displayed correctly
  • Haste will now reduce pushback time of channeled spells report #10928
  • Corrected requirements for spells that may not be cast while stunned or sapped report #12452
  • Targets that are immobilized or feared can no longer be knocked back report #12268
  • Corrected the time required to leave combat mode in PvP to 5.5 seconds
  • Improved movement of targets affected by fear or disorientation when no path is found
  • Corrected line of sight requirement for spells that should not have a line of sight requirement report #12629
  • Pets and NPCs will no longer get stuck inside walls when attempting to attack a target
  • Pets can now be sent to attack targets that are out of line of sight
  • Summoned Guardians will now automatically attack the correct target
  • Players will now be resurrected upon entering an instance portal
  • Target dummies will now trigger PvP combat mode
  • Target dummies will no longer enter evade mode
  • General realm stability and performance fixes
  • 1 crash fix
  • 24 exploit fixes