• Added visibility update delay after leaving stealth
  • Fixed targeted AoEs such as Blizzard incorrectly adding player target object size
  • Fixed pets constantly readjusting when attacking Taurens report #47000
  • Fixed pets not keeping their owner in combat when attacking an immune target report #46947
  • Fixed dispel effects not being reflectable
  • Correction to stealth detect formula report #45025 report #46778
  • Auto-attacks will now ignore LoS
  • AoE leeway will now be added for all movement types
  • Defensive procs that activate on crits will again no longer proc when player is sitting
  • Disabled default SP scaling for hots cast by items report #46449
  • Fixed not being able to attack for the duration of the root if rooted while charging
  • Fixed melee abilitys not critting against sitting targets report #45755
  • Fixed heals generating combat instantly which prevented players from being able to drink right after a heal
  • Corrected movement frequency for confused movement
  • Fixed companion pets not being dismissable report #45482
  • Removed the player PvP flag in a Sanctuary and disabled enabling it
  • Implemented low level miss chance rules
  • Fixed a couple of spell Line of Sight checks not ignoring objects
  • Lowered minimum combat timer to 5 seconds
  • Equipping an item will now cancel current spell cast
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from swapping weapons mid cast report #46006
  • Fixed resisted stuns incorrectly generating stun sound report #44731
  • Fixed dots not properly benefitting from effect spellmods
  • Calculate final Mana cost at cast end rather than cast start report #46084
  • Fixed creatures not properly stopping before channeling a spell report #45893
  • Fixed absorbed damage incorrectly generating rage
  • Fixed players being able to swap waepons while feared / confused report #45942
  • Fixed players being able to move while feared if a polymorph effect is applied after the fear effect but expires first report #45943
  • Fixed effects like Gouge and Blind sometimes breaking instantly report #45947
  • Fixed Stoneform not providing immunity against diseases report #45739
  • Fixed power burn effects not breaking fear correctly
  • Fixed Resilience not reducing mana drain effects by as much as it should












  • Most bosses will now be immune to curse of tongues as intended
  • Bells in major cities and some in other places such as Karazhan will now chime as they should
  • Fixed Tauren melee reach report #46773
  • Fix newly discovered flight master locations not immediately letting you fly (had to close and reopen the menu) report #46829
  • Fixed Npc version of Seal of Blood
  • Corrected honor amount for honorable kills report #46882
  • Fixed group leader flag not properly resetting report #46400
  • Fixed npc pets running faster than their owners
  • Fixed players not being removed from Arena when logging out report #46175
  • Fixed trainers for other classes showing up in minimap for players that track Class Trainers report #45988
  • Fixed pets not being able to teach owner their spells after relog
  • Fixed players not being teleported to the center of the map if falling below ground in arena
  • Pet follow speed should only adjust to owner speed when out of combat or close by report #46181
  • Correct area requirement for Summon Serpentshrine Parasite
  • Fixed interrupt effects not being resistable
  • Fixed pets not returning to owner if the owner mounts after sending it to attack report #45807
  • Fixed chests being lootable only once report #45123 report45224 report #45675
  • Fixed certain cc's not breaking on absorbed damage report #45749
  • Fixed player corpses not spawning on the ground when dieing in the air report #45649
  • Fixed not being able to attack neutral guards that are attacking you
  • Fixed dance emote being canceled when speaking report #45724
  • Fixed Stealth visibility not being updated on orientation change
  • Fix non-group leaders being able to target mark report #45627
  • NPCs that get one-shotted will now still inform other NPCs linked to them that they were attacked report #44401
  • Creatures with offhand should use DualWield by default
  • Creatures should never respawn in instances if encounter is in progress
  • Fix being able to walk while feared or confused if it was being used to break mind control
  • Delayed instant spells should also cause combat on launch rather than on hit
  • Set arena join timer to 60 seconds
  • Fix hit rating calculations for victims over 3 levels higher than the attacker
  • Snare mechanic has been added to Doomguard cripple report #47005
  • Players should now dismount when they assist on a summoning ritual
  • Fixed Aerial Guards not following players into LoS
  • Fixed flying mount immunitys applying even when not flying report #45219
  • Fix target object size not being taken into account for aoe spells against creatures
  • Fixed dynamic object effects such as Charred Earth incorrectly adding target object size
  • Fix creatures not attacking after the "respawn aggro grace period" ends if player isn't moving report #45414
  • Spell#33779 should not be active in Serpentshrine Cavern report #45532
  • Fix terokkar outdoor pvp not giving buffs to players inside the instances report #44442
  • Stormwind City Guard will now spawn correctly report #43705
  • Silvermoon City Guardian will now have the correct amount of health
  • Steamwheedle Bruiser will now have the correct amount of health
  • Ironforge Guard will now have the correct amount of health
  • Darnassus Sentinel will now have the correct amount of health
  • Orgrimmar Grunt will now have the correct amount of health
  • Undercity Guardian will now have the correct amount of health


  • Looting a corpse that had its insignia removed will no longer cause players to be stuck in looting animation report #46399
  • Fixed Speed buff sometimes resisting when picking it up report #45938
  • Fixed Fear & Confusion effects not being removed when leaving arena/bgs report #45521
  • Fixed an issue where pets could get stuck on the ropes in Blades edge Arena report #45599


Gruul's Lair


Serpentshrine Cavern

Tempest Keep: The Eye

Magtheridon's Lair

Hyjal Summit



Black Morass

  • Fixed channeling visual, the protectors should not channel at the portal report #46956
  • Fixed The Rift Keeper should always have the spell channeled on him report #46956
  • Fixed There's currently no wait time beween the the boss kill and the next portal spawn report #46957
  • Fixed One of the Shadow Council Enforcer have the wrong way points report #46958
  • Fixed The adds at the portal spawns faster than the Rift Keeper / Rift Lord report #46959
  • Fixed adds not always channeling on Medivh report #46961
  • Fixed portals instantly despawn report #45267
  • The portal should first appear and then a few seconds later the rift keeper / rift lord / boss should spawn report #45267

Sethekk Halls

Shadow Labyrinth

Slave Pens



Old Hillsbrad

Blood Furnace



  • Thorngrin the Tender will now use his Sacrifice spell correctly report #45457

Blackrock Spire


Dire Maul


  • Fixed Sothos and Jarien's Heirlooms can be exploited
  • Mindless Undead should run around and spread on the Slaughter Square report #41891
  • Supply Crates in Stratholme will have a chance to drop loot report #41890

Sunken Temple

Blackrock Depths

The Stockades

Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Downs

Arathi Highlands



  • Corrected the number of adds going up the stairs in Pyramid Event report #43392


Hellfire Peninsula

Shadowmoon Valley


Terokkar Forest



Blade's Edge Moutains


  • Removed unwanted spells from Sranda
  • Corrected Onyxia's Lair Requirements + moved other requirements in the correct file SQL report #46589
  • Flame Wave will now work correctly

Eastern Plaguelands

Burning Steppes

  • The True Masters quest chain will now be available report #42409

Tirisfal Glades

Burning Steppes

Eversong Woods

Redridge Mountains



Thunder Bluff


The Exodar

Dun Morogh


The Barrens

Azuremyst Isle

Elwynn Forest

Silvermoon City