• Fixed Predatory Strikes increasing Moonkin form attack power
  • Fixed Bear form attack power bonus being double applied
  • Fixed cat form attack power bonus being double applied
  • Fixed Abolish Poison causing neutral npcs to attack
  • Fixed Swiftmend heal not being increased by Tree form report #68833
  • Fixed Lifebloom final heal being based on current stats instead of stats when lifebloom was casted report #69073






  • Fixed Slice and Dice not consuming combo points on evading target
  • Fixed Relentless Strikes proccing even when finisher doesnt land
  • Fixed auto attacks that land at the same time as Shiv having 100% chance to apply poison
  • Fixed shiv sometimes failing to apply poison







  • Corrected polearm training cost at weapon trainers report #58263
  • Corrected taunt miss chance report #74472
  • Fixed untalented buffs being able to overwrite talented ones report #52470
  • Fixed certain pets having higher damage when tamed
  • Correction to spell queue report #75804
  • Fixed pets not adjusting to target movespeed when chasing in close distance
  • Fixed wand attacks proccing some on-cast procs
  • Fixed horde graveyard assignment in case of death in deeprun tram report #53547
  • Fixed players not receiving honor while dead report #53027
  • Corrected training dummy parry chance report #70413
  • Fixed some procs showing a "You are dead" error if triggered while dead
  • Corrected distance at which stealthed players can be seen when behind an npc or player
  • Fixed shields not triggering gcd when equipped in combat
  • Fixed charge warping when slow effect expires during charge
  • Fixed target dummies being unable to dodge/parry
  • Fixed fireplace/campfire damage not being mitigated by absorbs
  • Fixed crit chance not updating on weapon swap
  • Fixed charge serverside movement being slightly out of synch with clientside
  • Fixed triggered damage spells not causing cc to break
  • Fixed multiple summon requests causing summons not to work when accepting
  • Fixed area auras that apply to enemy targets failing to apply on targets based on height difference
  • Fixed spells that require player to be behind the target not being usable when in very close proximity to the target
  • Fixed The Captain's Cutlass and other quests not being available even when their previous quest requirement was completed report #49916
  • Fixed pets being removed during near teleports when they shouldn't be if teleport distance exceeds visibility range
  • Fixed triggers not being summoned in the same phase for gameobject casts
  • Fixed auto repeat spells breaking Vanish during fadeout period
  • Fixed guardian pets incorrectly receiving party wide buffs such as paladin auras
  • Fixed spellcaster type gameobjects not checking serverside if object has charges left
  • Fixed guardian pets not being in defensive stance by default
  • Fixed slows causing feared targets to pick a new path instead of slowing down the current one
  • Fixed players being able to use a Lightwell they didn't cast while dueling report #68017
  • Fixed players not receiving pet buffs of a mind controlled party member
  • Fixed players not losing buffs granted by pet when being mind controlled
  • Fixed diminishing return applying even if aura didn't apply for any reason
  • Fixed creature daze chance calculation report #67664
  • Charmed creatures with SAI will now evade on charm, fixes some pets not following the hunter correctly during Taming the Beast quests report #75631
  • Fixed Legendary Heroes being flagged as repeatable
  • Fixed The Eye of Command being flagged as repeatable
  • Fixed The Eye of Command being flagged as repeatable
  • Fixed Legendary Heroes being flagged as repeatable
  • Fixed Earned Reverence being flagged as repeatable report #62428
  • Fixed Totemic Beacon starting to follow player when in combat


  • Fixed players sometimes being stranded at a graveyard if their destination is tapped during the relocation
  • Fixed Shadow Sight not allowing players to see stealthed targets that are behind them report #62090
  • Fixed flag swirl animation not being removed when capturing player is ccd
  • Daily PvP quest will no longer be awarded without having the quest in the quest log.
  • Alterac Valley

    • Corrected reputation requirements for all Frostwolf Insignia quests
    • Corrected reputation requirements for all Stormpike Insignia quests
    • Added missing banner for alliance Proving grounds quest report #74740
    • Added missing banner for Proving grounds quest report #73920
    • Corrected and cleaned up spawns in Coldtooth Mine
    • Corrected and cleaned up spawns in Irondeep Mine
    • Druid of the Grove should not be spawned by default
    • Corrected Drek'Thar health
    • Fixed Icewing Marshal applying to all npcs in range
    • Removed Lieutenant Spencer
    • Removed Lieutenant Stouthandle
    • Removed Lieutenant Stronghoof
    • Removed Commander Mulfort
    • Fixed double spawn at Frostwolf relief hut
    • Removed Lieutenant Rugba
    • Removed Lieutenant Lewis
    • Removed Commander Dardosh
    • Removed Lieutenant Vol'talar
    • Removed Commander Karl Philips
    • Removed Commander Randolph
    • Removed Commander Duffy
    • Fixed double spawn at Stormpike graveyard
    • Fixed Snowfall Graveyard report #73329
    • Added missing guards in front of horde starting point report #64108
    • Fixed only 2 guards being spawned at alliance starting point
    • Fixed players sometimes being stranded at a graveyard if their destination is tapped during the relocation
    • Fix Alterac Valley resources sometimes gonig below 0 on Battleground end



Azuremyst Isle






Stonetalon Mountains

Dustwallow Marsh

Redridge Mountains

The Barrens





  • Removed Love In The Air gossip menu and gossip npc flag from bunch of darnassus creatures
  • Fixed flags for Mathiel report #75653
  • Chief Archaeologist Greywhisker should not have gossip flag report #75654
  • Patrolling Jaeana should hold weapon in hands
  • Patrolling Herald Moonstalker should hold weapon in hands
  • Patrolling Crildor should hold weapon in hands


Stormwind City

Loch Modan

Shattrath City

Elwynn Forest





Blade's Edge Mountains


Terokkar Forest

Shadowmoon Valley


Hellfire Peninsula

Searing Gorge

Eversong Woods

Tirisfal Glades


Burning Steppes



Western Plaguelands


Swamp of Sorrows

Stranglethorn Vale

Silverpine Forest

Ironforge City

The Hinterlands

Hillsbrad Foothills

Eastern Plaguelands

Dun Morogh

Blasted Lands

Alterac Mountains


Thunder Bluff

Thousand Needles

Un'Goro Crater



Arathi Highlands

Isle of Quel'Danas


The Black Temple

Tempest Keep: The Eye


Serpentshrine Cavern


  • Fixed Attumen the Huntsman is not always giving loot report #68061
  • Fixed bug in Phantom Guest SAI

Gruul's Lair

  • Fixed Hurtful Strike not casted by Gruul if soloed report #74154
  • Patrolling Lair Brute should hold weapons in hands

Magtheridon's Lair


Blackwing Lair


Molten Core

  • Patrolling Lucifron should hold weapon in hands

Onyxia's Lair

Sunwell Plateau


Sunken Temple


Blackrock Depths

The Shattered Halls

  • Fixed Grand Warlock Nethekurse - Evade report #74827
  • Shattered Hand Sharpshooter should select only mana users for Viper String
  • Patrolling Shattered Hand Assassin should hold weapons in hands
  • Patrolling Shattered Hand Houndmaster & Rabid Warhound should hold weapons in hands
  • Patrolling Grand Warlock Nethekurse should hold weapons in hands

The Mechanar

Old Hillsbrad Foothils

  • Fixed Escape from Durnholde Keep sometimes doesn't give quest credit report #64430
  • Epoch Hunter should not drop Master Thief's Gloves report #48381

The Arcatraz

Sethekk Halls

The Botanica




The Black Morass

Mana Tombs


Blackrock Spire

  • Spire Spiderlings should be summoned only on death of Spire Spider report #69866
  • Fixed Blackhand Summoner texts
  • Fixed SAI for Blackhand Summoner

Shadow Labyrinth

  • Bosses on heroic mode should drop Etched Fire Opal report #58294

The Blood Furnace

Hellfire Ramparts

Razorfen Kraul

The Underbog

Magisters' Terrace

The Steamvault

The Slave Pens

Auchenai Crypts

The Scarlet Monastery

Dire Maul



Shadowfang Keep


The Deadmines


Wailing Caverns

Razorfen Downs

Ragefire Chasm


Blackfathom Deeps