• Fixed bug that would sometimes cause players to not be properly feared by Intimidating Shout
  • Fixed Deep Wound not ignoring damage reductions
  • Fixed spell reflect buffs not being removed from party members on first reflect when specced into spell #59089


  • Allow tabard transmogging
  • Implemented AI for Cleansed Timberling
  • Fixed loot for item #54535 report #55504
  • Fixed certain spells being usable while confused if confuse is applied during stun
  • Fixed certain spells being usable while feared if fear is applied during stun
  • Fixed traps not working sometimes after shadowstepping
  • Fixed reflected dots not being removed after duel end
  • Fixed players not receiving halaa battle tokens when dead report #26926
  • Fixed "Didn't Stand a chance" achievement report #44030
  • Fixed Invisibility potion buffs not being removed when opening gurubashi chest report #79723
  • Fixed pets no longer consuming spell reflect buff
  • Fixed blink not being usable while stunned
  • Fixed pets not returning if sent to cast a spell while on passive & in range of target
  • Fixed knockbacks not working against confused/feared targets when damage breaks the effect
  • Fixed reflect buff removal timing
  • Fixed aoe auras such as Heroism not instantly applying to caster when also affecting another target
  • Fixed attacks against totems putting shaman in combat
  • Fixed pet auto attacks not interrupting drinking/eating
  • Fixed confuse effects overwriting jump/deathgrip effects
  • Fixed fear effects overwriting jump/deathgrip effects
  • Fixed stuns interrupting server side jump movement such as spell #49560
  • Fixed fear effects not continuing after being death gripped
  • Fixed players being able to see totems on arena join
  • Fixed pets sometimes being visible on arena join
  • Fixed pets running at increased speed when running towards a friendly player for a cast
  • Fixed mind controlled target being able to move after MC ends if stunned during the MC
  • Fixed auto attacking during MC causing players to be warped back once mc ends
  • Fixed spell queue gcd not being reset if current cast is cancelled
  • Fixed players being able to move while confused if hit by a knockback effect
  • Fixed players being able to move while feared if hit by a knockback effect
  • Fixed Distract sometimes causing players to revert back to their old position after teleporting
  • Fixed dot damage on pets keeping owner in combat report #77469
  • Fixed pets putting players in combat when attacking another player
  • Fixed reflecting Freezing Trap causing it to visually freeze the trap
  • Fixed auto attacks missing against totems
  • Fixed Gurubashi chest being lootable while under the effect of Divine Shield report #21044
  • Fixed channels being interrupted when turning on a transport report #76502
  • Fixed parry expertise cap being slightly lower than intended
  • Fixed Boss level npc dodge chance being slightly too high
  • Fixed pets not adjusting to target movespeed when chasing in close distance
  • Fixed npc pets being incorrectly tameable
  • Fixed certain pets having higher damage when tamed report #75911
  • Fixed players not receiving honor while dead
  • Fixed horde graveyard assignment when dieing in deeprun tram
  • Fixed item refunds contributing to achievements such as Dalaran Cooking Award report #69032
  • Fixed procs showing a "You are dead" error if triggered while dead
  • Fixed traps not causing threat with the entire formation
  • Fixed honor not being shared between ungrouped attackers
  • Fixed honor not being rewarded when the player dies by npc or fall damage
  • Fixed movement speed for creatures which walks on low depth water
  • Fixed swimming animation for creatures on low depth water
  • Fixed movement animation bug while creature moved from water to ground during combat
  • Fixed death animation for creatures which are casting channeling spell




  • Alterac Valley

    • Correct waypoints for $Veteran Mountaineer
    • Added correct waypoints to multiple NPCs
    • Fix aggro range and reset for Stormpike and Frostwolf Bowmen
    • Fixed Icewing Marshal applying to all npcs in range
    • Fixed av boss kill exploit
  • Warsong Gulch

    • Fixed issue where team mates were subject to the 45 second timer until flag is shown on the map report #80339
    • Fixed focused/brutal assault not being applied when picking up flag from base report #79489
    • Fixed warsong gulch flag carriers being visible on the map instantly rather than after 45 seconds report #78213
    • Fixed assault timer logic report #78162
  • Arathi Basin

    • Fixed quest credit for The Battle for Arathi Basin quests report #9594
  • Strand of the Ancients

    • Fixed demolishers not being immune to Gouge
    • Corrected Titan relic location report #74379
    • Corrected demolisher base move speed
  • Isle of Conquest

    • Fixed Fortress graveyards becoming uncapturable after changing ownership twice report #70934
    • Fixed map showing incorrect gate being destroyed when west/east gate go down report #70932
    • Fixed wrong gate being announced when east or west gate is destroyed
  • Arenas

    • Fixed aoe auras such as Totem of Wrath applying during arena preparation
    • Fixed pets not following out of dalaran starting area
    • Fixed arenas ending when a dead player relogs
    • Fixed pet cooldowns not being reset on arena join
    • Fixed paladins being able to stack shadowmourne during preparation phase
    • Fixed pet auras not being reset on arena join report #76654
    • Corrected starting orientation in Ruins of Lordaeron
  • Dalaran Arena

    • Fixed pets becoming unresponsive after being hit by waterfall knockback
    • Added force teleport downstairs if pushback is avoided


Children's Week


Stranglethorn Vale


Tirisfal Glades




Alterac Mountains


Western Plaguelands

The Hinterlands

Silverpine Forest

Searing Gorge

Loch Modan

Hillsbrad Foothills

Eastern Plaguelands



Un'goro Crater

The Barrens






Redridge Mountains


Blasted Lands




Arathi Highlands

Dustwallow Marsh

Thunder Bluff

Swamp of Sorrows

Dun Morogh


Stonetalon Mountains

Elwynn Forest

Stormwind City

The Undercity



Silvermoon City

The Exodar


Burning Steppes

Thousand Needles

Scarlet Enclave

  • Fixed issue when npc #28670 weren't able to flight
  • Corrected npc #28500 cosmetics
  • Fixed working animation for npc #28500
  • Fixed waypoint movement for npc #28500
  • Fixed npc #31099 respawn timer report #12862
  • Fixed creatures spamming script texts for quest How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies
  • Fixed possible way to bug out creatures for quest How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies report #73109
  • Fixed npc #28822 visibility range
  • Fixed cannon spell cast range for npc #28833 report #72489
  • Fixed When Scarlet NPC gives up and starts talking about the Crimson Dawn he should stop attacking the players. report #72490
  • Spawned missing npc #28889 report #12884
  • Fixed Koltira and Thassarian fall though texture during Light of Dawn out event
  • Corrected amount of targets which got hit by Death's Embrace
  • Fixed At quest #12801 Every npc #29174 should stop attacking players when the RP begins at the end of the quest, if not player will be killed every time cause he can't attack during that time report #70651
  • Corrected speed of Scarlet Defences death during light of dawn
  • Highlord Darion Mograine should fight in light of dawn battle
  • Fixed quest Into the Realm of Shadows report #70650
  • Fixed npc #28769 random movement radius report #12878
  • Corrected npc #28709 random movement radius report #12871
  • Fixed Death Knight Initiate overspawn report #12870
  • Fixed Citizen of Havenshire AI report #12875
  • Fixed Scarlet Medic script texts
  • Fixed npc #28907 height is wrong, should stand on podium report #12883
  • Fixed Death Knight Initiate landing operations report #12870
  • Fixed flying animation for Olrun the Battlecaller
  • Removed bad spawns of Death Knight Initiate report #12870
  • Fixed Citizen of new Avalon Gossips report #70903
  • Implemented Instructor Razuvious RP report #70649
  • Fixed Death Knight Initiates for quest quest #12848 do not reset event after respawn and cant be killed again
  • Fixed npc #28614 movement animation


Howling Fjord

Terokkar Forest

Hellfire Peninsula

Blade's Edge Mountains

Eversong Woods

Azuremyst Isle

Bloodmyst Isle



The Storm Peaks

Shattrath City




Grizzly Hills

Crystalsong Forest

  • Patrolling npc #32375 should hold weapons in hands
  • Patrolling npc #32374 should hold weapons in hands
  • Patrolling npc #32373 should hold weapons in hands

Borean Tundra


Shadowmoon Valley


Sholazar Basin


Icecrown Citadel

Ruby Sanctum

Black Temple

Tempest Keep: The Eye

  • Enabled post-nerf Wrath of the Astromancer mechanic report #74710
  • Removed MC mechanic from Kael’thas Sunstrider encounter
  • Fixed Thaladred's Gaze P3 report #63972
  • Fixed Phoenix Egg immunities
  • Fixed Kael'thas phoenix Burn during gravity lapse report #58846

Serpenshrine Cavern


Sunwell Plateau


  • Fix line of sight errors when trying to control a chess piece report #78764
  • Fixed Attumen the Huntsman is not always giving loot report #68061
  • Fixed bug in Phantom Guest SAI

Molten Core

Hyjal Summit

Gruul's Lair

  • Fixed Hurtful Strike not casted by Gruul if soloed report #74154
  • Patrolling Lair Brute should hold weapons in hands
  • Patrolling Lair Brute should hold weapons in hands

Magtheridon's Lair

Blackwing Lair


Scarlet Monastery

Blackrock Depths


Blackrock Spire

  • Implemented outro event for quest Urok Doomhowl
  • Fixed gossips for Lord Victor Nefarius
  • Added missing gossips for Finkle Einhorn
  • Added missing gossips and cosmetic speeches for Awbee
  • Spire Spiderlings should be summoned only on death of Spire Spider report #69866
  • Fixed Blackhand Summoner texts
  • Fixed SAI for Blackhand Summoner
  • Enabled AI for Bannok Grimaxe
  • Corrected SAI for Summoned Blackhand Dreadweaver and fixed texts for Spirestone Warlord

Blackfathom Deeps


The Oculus

The Stockades


Dire Maul

Magisters' Terrace

Shattered Halls

Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Razorfen Kraul

The Mechanar

Old Hillsbrad Foothills

  • Fixed Escape from Durnholde Keep sometimes doesn't give quest credit report #64430
  • Enabled AI for bunch of Old Hillsbrad Creatures related to cosmetic event with children
  • Epoch Hunter should not drop Master Thief's Gloves report #48381
  • Fixed currently whilst waves are attacking players, epoch hunter is building threat from healers, causing him to instantly go for healers once land report #53093

The Arcatraz

The Sethekk Halls

The Botanica

The Black Morass



  • Fixed Anub'arak - Web Walls report #62038
  • Fixed amount of targets for Anub'arak Impale report #59523
  • Fixed creatures from Anub'ar Crusher pre-event to Hadronox should not grand reputation report #13238
  • Added heroic skinning loot


The Shadow Labyrinth

The Blood Furnace

Hellfire Ramparts

The Slave Pens

The Steamvault

The Underbog

The Forge Of Souls

  • Patrolling npc #36478 should hold weapons in hands


Auchenai Crypts


Shadowfang Keep


Wailing Caverns


Razorfen Downs

Ragefire Chasm