• Swing timer will now be reset properly when switching weapons report #39395








  • Creatures will no longer react instantly to loss of stealth report #51828
  • Vanish will now properly reset threat when used in melee range of bosses
  • Blade Flurry will now activate from absorbed damage as well
  • Poisons can now proc from non-damaging melee abilities
  • Poison procs will no longer cause players to die in duels
  • Fixed npcs landing an auto attack before being stunned by Cheap Shot report #51828
  • Fixed stealth not being removed when clicking a summoning ritual
  • Fixed Auto attacks occasionally breaking cc report #53966






  • Fixed problem that caused Rich Adamantite Deposit to only drop 1 Adamantite Ore  report #51880
  • Fixed The Veiled Sea not having a linked graveyard
  • Fixed players respawning in the barrens when dying in the sea of silverpine forest
  • Fixed channeled spells sometimes not completing their last tick report #18041
  • Fixed current spell cast not being interrupted for npcs who are running to seek assistance
  • Fixed auto attack misses breaking crowd control
  • Fixed Thrown weapon skill increasing twice per cast
  • Fixed critical hits not increasing weapon skill
  • Fixed dispel effects not being reflectable
  • Players will now dismount when they assist on a summoning ritual
  • Fixed Stealth not being removed when talking to a quest giver
  • Fixed Leeway range incorrectly being added to minimum ranges report #46637
  • Fixed player corpses not spawning on the ground when dieing in the air
  • Fixed players being able to swap weapons while feared / confused
  • Fixed dance emote being canceled when speaking
  • Delayed instant spells will now cause combat on launch rather than on hit
  • Fixed reflected damage not being visible to the player that reflected the spell
  • Fixed The Veiled Sea not having a linked graveyard
  • Fixed players respawning in the barrens when dying in the sea in silverpine forest
  • Fixed players being teleported when following an npc while mind control ends
  • Fixed party/raid buffs applying to totems
  • Fixed uninterruptable npcs casts not resetting their swing timer report #54713
  • Fixed throwable items checking throwers inventory space rather than targets
  • Fixed npc casts that require a ranged weapon not checking for disarm ref#40562
  • Fixed not all spells with cast time resetting auto attack timer report #54713
  • Fixed Rich adamantite only dropping 1 ore report #51880
  • Fixed lockboxes not saving their unlock status on relog
  • Fixed auto attacks not being delayed by the same amount as cc spells report #52155
  • Implement delayed stealth updates
  • Fixed food health regeneration being higher than intended
  • Fixed spell #69409 not choosing weaker resistance when target has no shadow resistance report #37169
  • Fixed spell #71405 not being resistable report #42802
  • Fixed spell #72999 not being resistable report #42808
  • Fixed Songflower Serenade applying to players above level 63


  • Specific battleground queue will now work with the players from random queue report #20444
  • Players will now have a chance to drop loot in Alterac Valley
  • Fixed players still having the a loot icon on themselves after leaving a battleground
  • Fixed players still having the a loot icon on themselves after using self resurrect effects
  • Looting a corpse that had its insignia removed will no longer cause players to be stuck in looting animation
  • Fixed dead players not being relocated when a graveyard is taken over report #46166
  • Speed will no longer have chance to be resisted when picking it up report #40239
  • Falling to death will no longer give durability a penalty while in a battleground
  • Fixed problem that caused damage done to pets to not show on scoreboard statistics
  • Fixed players being able to pick up flags while stunned
  • Players will now correctly receive credit for achievement #1723 report #24031
  • Kills near Halaa will now reward Halaa Battle Token report #26926
  • The correct audio will now be played when a point has been defended in Arathi Basin
  • Fixed reinforcements not being reduced on all causes of death for Alterac Valley
  • npc #34919 and npc #34924 will now agro together in Isle of Conquest report #30823
  • Fixed Fear & Confusion effects not being removed when leaving arena/bgs
  • Fixed priests being able to pick up flags in Spirit of Redemption form
  • Fixed warsong/eots flags spawning too far away when dropped report #52520
  • Fixed pvp trinket removing arena flag buffs
  • Corrected Shadow Sight spawn & respawn timers
  • Fixed base capture not failing if enemy team captures the point during the cast
  • Fixed Drek'thar stopping to fight when talked to by a horde player