This is a list of fixes made since the publication of the last changelog. Some of these might have already been active for a while.


  • Corrected health for Army of the dead ghouls


  • Fixed druid casts not being visible when started while stealthed report #99515
  • Fixed bonus attack power gained from weapons while in feral forms being displayed as base attack power report #96448
  • Fixed Bonus attack power gained by Predatory Strikes being shown as base attack power
  • Fixed spell #58181 sometimes not applying
  • Fixed spell #61391 casts not being tracked in combat log report #90418
  • Corrected cat and bear form base damage for level 60 and above










  • Mining nodes, Fishing nodes, Herbalism plants, chests and other pooled objects have been reworked in all of the zones below:

    • The Barrens
    • Azuremyst Isle
    • Silithus
    • Desolace
    • Winterspring
    • Teldrassil
    • Durotar
    • Thousand Needles
    • Tanaris
    • Stonetalon Mountains
    • Mulgore
    • Feralas
    • Felwood
    • Dustwallow Marsh
    • Darkshore
    • Bloodmyst Isle
    • Azshara
    • Ashenvale
    • Un'Goro Crater
    • Terokkar Forest
    • Hellfire Peninsula
    • Zangarmarsh
    • Netherstorm
    • Nagrand
    • Blade's Edge Mountains
    • Shadowmoon Valley
  • Quests quest #24803 and quest #24806 are now repeatable report #98430
  • item #40199 is now fishable from pools report #21232
  • Fixed a problem where spell #57906 was usable in every map report #98675
  • Fixed server not sending weather updates upon entering zones
  • Behsten and Slahtz - Experience Eliminators should show only 1 option depending on player XP gain flag report #97617
  • Added a level 70 requirement to the fish feast eat and drink buffs.
  • achievement #1260 should be affected by wearing item #46735 report #97724
  • Fixed npc #29380 not being salvagable report #96707
  • Fixed Arikara being skinnable report #10358
  • Learning goblin/gnomish engineering from the book of soothsaying is now free as intended report #1595
  • Corrected Mote of Fire drop chance for fel iron nodes report #75798
  • Corrected Mote of Fire drop chance for khorium nodes
  • Implemented Shadowy Assassin's event in Southshore report #10224





  • Fixed Resurrecting a Player in arena not increasing the 'Players Remaining' counter.
  • Arathi Basin

    • Implemented missing creatures and objects in Arathi Basin
  • Strand of the Ancients

    • Fixed SotA vehicles incorrectly being immune to effects that increase damage taken report #99228
  • Isle of Conquest

    • Fixed Overlord agmar not always gaining enrage when outside of his room report #98389
    • Fixed players keeping seaforium bombs aura if server crashes while player has the aura
    • Fixed Seaforium Bombs not being dropped on death



Icecrown Citadel

Trial of the Crusader

  • Corrected the drop chance for patterns report #98736
  • Fixed Snobold Vassals are not using their ability Fire Bomb report #98804
  • npc #34607 should not be affected by fanning report #98911
  • Rising Anger stack should be gained only when Snobold Vassal jumps onto a player report #98778
  • Implemented kill talk spam protection for Anub'arak
  • Implemented kill spam protection for Faction Champions
  • Corrected melee damage for npc #36070
  • Fixed Acidmaw npc #35144 Animation report #98735
  • Added missing visuals and corrected timers for Jormungars phase switch report #98694
  • Acidmaw will use correct spell id for Acidic Spew
  • Fixed phase switching for Jormungars report #98695 report #98694
  • Nether Portal should be immune to Pull & Push effects
  • Infernal Volcano should be immune to Pull & Push effects
  • Faction Champions should reset in no player in raid
  • Val'kyr Twins should reset on spawn in no players in raid map report #98568
  • Fixed Faction Champions - Intro Pet Aggro report #98620
  • Fixed Beasts of Northrend evade report #68383
  • Corrected the source of Leeching Swarm heal
  • Fixed Call of the Crusade Twin Valkyres criteria gain report #91612
  • Corrected Massive Crash timers report #43631
  • Incinerate Flesh should be removed when npc #34780 is defeated report #98593
  • Added kill talk antispam timer for Valkyre Twins
  • ClearAllDebuffs should be cast by npc #34564 on himself whenever he submerges to remove all dots and other effects report #98570
  • Arctic Breath should be resistable report #81220
  • Fixed possible stuck of Icehowl during massive crash jump report #83879
  • Corrected Gormok the Impaler intro timers report #43618
  • Fixed Snobold Vassal despawn on wipe report #58892
  • Killed adds of Lord Jaraxxus should despawn report #98565
  • Chests with loot should be linked to players on boss death report #89098
  • Increased Icehowl despawn timer after loot taken report #98684
  • Corrected Acidmaw Submerge timer
  • Icehowl and Jaraxxus should despawn only after all loot taken
  • Corrected Gormok intro timers report #43618
  • Acidmaw should not spawn if players wiped report #68383
  • Corrected immunties for npc #34815 at normal mode report #94016
  • Fixed Fel Inferno - Self Interrupts report #94045
  • Corrected immunities for npc #34815 report #94016
  • spell #66378 should not be affected by armor report #57046
  • Swarm Scarab should deal nature damage by auto attacks report #98706
  • Mistress of Pain - Spinning Pain Spike should not be affected by armor report #57045
  • Fixed gossips for Barrett Ramsey. Added missing gossips for case of encounter fail


Ruby Sanctum

Vault of Archavon

  • Should be possible to pull all VoA bosses at same time report #92749

Onyxia's Lair

Eye of Eternity

  • Power Spark should not despawn on Malygos phase 2 start report #92852

Serpentshrine Cavern

The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

  • Added missing gossip texts for Andorgos
  • Fixed gossips for Merithra of the Dream & Caelestrasz & Arygos & Andorgos
  • Fixed Viscidus never drops loot report #91109


  • Fixed gossips for Koren


Utgarde Pinnacle

  • All Harpoons for Skadi encounter should be destroyed on wipe
  • Fixed achievement achievement #2156 report #98725
  • Corrected npc #26693 adds spawn points and paths
  • item #41797 will now correctly drop with 100% drop chance if a group has Jewelcrafter which doesn't have the design learned report #96629
  • Fixed adds not spawning and joining the fight correctly

Violet Hold

Pit Of Saron

Forge Of Souls

Halls Of Reflection

Trial of the Champion

  • Added kill talk spam protection for the Argent Challenge
  • Added kill talk spam protection for Black Knight
  • Arelas Brightstar and Jaeren Sunsworn should not clip into Eadric's Cache report #98747
  • Argent Minions should not reset emote state after wipe
  • Corrected waypoints and spawn positions for Argent Challenge minions report #98737
  • Fixed Argent Challenge outro event report #98673
  • Loot from chests should be linked to players on encounter victory
  • Fixed Trial of the Champion map#650 Champions Phasing report #96209
  • Faction Champion Rogues should not have Deadly Poison applied on them
  • Argent Battleworg & Argent Warhouse should not return to spawn point on death report #85783
  • Fixed Trial of the Champion map#650 Champions Aggro report #67007
  • Fixed spell #66334 being triggered by physical spells report #98705
  • Fixed spell #67725 not scaling with diseases on target report #85785
  • Fixed npc #35451 not dropping item #47229 report #94617
  • Fixed Leaving Trial of the Champion while mounted teleports your character in the middle of the frozen sea report #94664

The Oculus

Blackrock Depths

The Blood Furnace


  • Added missing gossips for Tablet of Theka

The Mechanar



  • Journal of Jandice Barov should only be spawned after boss death




The Stockades

Shadow Labyrinth

Auchenai Crypts

Blackrock Spire

  • Mor Grayhoof should switch to Sprite Darter form at 25%

Scarlet Monastery


Borean Tundra


Grizzly Hills


Howling Fjord

The Storm Peaks


Sholazar Basin





The Barrens





Elwynn Forest


Stormwind City




Shadowmoon Valley


Stranglethorn Vale




Azuremyst Isle




  • Corrected reputation amount for killing Centaurs in Desolace
  • Corrected drop chances for Flayed Demon Skin
  • Implemented cosmetic event for quest Gizmo for Warug



Terokkar Forest

Shattrath City

Hellfire Peninsula

Blade's Edge Mountains



  • Removed double spawn of Harvest Reaper
  • Fleshripper at Moonbrok graveyard should only be spawned at day time


Scarlet Enclave

Deeprun Tram

  • Implemented cosmetic event for Box o' Squirrels
  • Fixed Box o' Squirrels should not float in air

Blasted Lands

Alterac Mountains

Redridge Mountains

Thousand Needles

Bloodmyst Isle

Dustwallow Marsh

Eversong Woods

Arathi Highlands

Tirisfal Glades