Death Knight





  • Fixed Arcane Torrent not breaking enemy players out of stealth report #101158
  • Fixed certain jump effects not resetting fall information report #101156
  • Fixed shared damage (EG. Soul Link) not being prevented by immunity report #101157
  • Fixed city guards spells affecting their own faction report #100647
  • Fixed pvp not being toggled on when starting a cast vs a target that is pvp flagged report #100648
  • fixed global cooldown not being cancelled when cancelling cast report #100535
  • Fixed certain boss spells being affected by AoE damage cap when they cause players to hurt each other report #100403
  • Fixed players being able to change weapons if the affected weapon slot is disarmed report #100404
  • Fixed Mana drains showing mana gain twice in scrolling combat text report #100405
  • Fixed jump effects interrupting channels that are usable while moving report #100406
  • Fixed guardians being controllable while cc'd report #100407
  • Fixed quests incorrectly being sharable during battlegrounds report #99587
  • Fixed quest status not being updated when splitting items into bank report #99524
  • Fixed next melee swing spells not checking range on focus target report #98722
  • Fixed next melee swing spells not being queued when out of range report #98723
  • Fixed spellvalue proccharges not increasing spellmodifier charges report #98338
  • Fixed serverside focus being out of synch with client side report #98241
  • Fixed Bloodlust type spells stacking report #97106
  • Fixed transform auras with charges not being removed by non damaging spells report #96812
  • Fixed fully absorbed hits incorrectly triggering daze report #96662


  • Fixed threat not being showed in UI report #98889
  • Fixed players being unable to loot skinning loot report #101737
  • Fixed players being unable to change visual appearance of items with uncommon quality report #66053
  • Fixed players being unable to use items with uncommon quality to change another item visual appearance report #66053
  • Fixed gameobject quest loot report #101706
  • Loot errors will now display correctly report #101615
  • Fixed mining nodes sometimes getting stuck on "This object is busy" when attempting to mine slightly out of range report #101595
  • Fixed spell steal not showing in combat log report #101561
  • Fixed achievement #4996 Razorfen Kraul credit report #37405
  • Fixed issue when master looter was unable to assign items report #45999
  • Fixed issue when players were unable to loot some AoE loot items report #67
  • Fixed Master Loot request roll report #16525
  • Fixed Darkmoon Faire not being shown on calendar report #101054
  • Fixed issue when some events did not show up in calendar report #101011
  • Fixed wrapping items into gifts report #10812
  • Fixed character reorder at character selection screen report #100664
  • Fixed players falling underground after loading in some phased areas report #100350
  • Fixed issue when delayed spells were casted even if caster was dead report #100277
  • Fixed redirect threat effects causing threat to be given to dead players report #100276
  • Fixed players falling underground during Charge report #6639
  • Fixed creatures falling inside gameobjects report #100123
  • Fixed issue when some battleground objects used to vanish at some time report #99999
  • Fixed issue when pets used to stuck on transports report #99953
  • Enabled pathing in Gilneas, Stormstout Brewery and Arena of Annihilation report #99909
  • Fixed Fishing sometimes not working report #99794
  • Fixed Charge when charging a target on another transport report #6639
  • Fixed Drunken Skull Crack screen effect report #99716
  • Fixed issue when players were able to summon farm objects not only player farm report #99708
  • Charge will now use the pathfind system report #6639
  • Implemented movement maps on transports report #99690
  • Rewards for completing dungeon via dungeon finder will now be delivered via mail if player's bags were full report #99415
  • If player won a roll for disenchant but bags were full, items will be delivered in mail report #99414
  • Fixed leaving vehicle while on transport report #99413
  • Fixed client freeze/crash on Argent Tournament report #81937
  • Fixed players sometimes losing information about LFG queue during BG report #98371
  • Fixed carts desync in Deeprun Tram map#369 report #97965
  • Players will no longer be able to send challenge mode chest in the mail neither trade it report #98042
  • Fixed Deeprun Tram map#369 report #97965
  • Fixed issue when players had 2 same battlegrounds in progress on battleground UI sometimes report #97800
  • Fixed elevators not updating their and passengers server side position report #97797
  • Fixed elevators like the elevator after Lady Deathwhisper in Icecrown Citadel report #97773
  • Fixed issue when players sometimes were added to incorrect queue when joined lfg dungeon/scenario/raid report #97538
  • Bonus loot spells now will be removed when players logs out / teleporting to another map report #97536
  • Players will no longer be able to queue for BG/Arena while in LFG dungeon/scenario/raid report #97466
  • BG/Arena queue now will be suspended when player in LFG dungeon/scenario/raid report #97456
  • Players will no longer be removed from LFG queue when they get ported to BG/Arena report #97436
  • Fixed issue when completing LFG dungeon at max level also showed XP reward report #97424
  • Fixed issue when completing raids in Raid Finder didn't get reward and applied spell #71041 on players report #97382
  • Fixed spell #71041 being applied after completing Scholomance, Scarlet Halls, Siege of Niuzao Temple report #11450 report #64817 report #64818
  • Fixed Cradle of Chi-Ji quests not giving credit report #1112
  • Fixed issue when players didn't get reward for completing lfg dungeons/raids/scenarios report #89983



Siege of Orgrimmar

Black Temple

Throne of Thunder

Halls of Origination

Terrace of the Endless Spring

Mogu'shan Vaults

Icecrown Citadel

Trial of the Champion

Bastion of Twilight


Temple of the Jade Serpent

Operation Landfall

The Jade Forest

Timeless Isle

The Wandering Isle

Isle of Thunder

Legendary Cloak

Valley of the Four Winds

Howling Fjord

  • Fixed doors not opening at Stonefall Lift, Midwall Lift, Vengeance Lift report #97990

Blade's Edge Mountains

Mount Hyjal

The Scarlet Enclave

Isle of Conquest

Strand of the Ancients

  • Fixed boats not starting to move on battleground entry report #97963


Hallow's End

Pirates' Day

  • All commoners will now have the ability to morph into Pirate during the event report #94853